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Above Ground Pool Installers

There are various reasons for getting a swimming pool for your backyard.  Perhaps you desire to make memories with family and friends, improve your health, or relax after a long hard day at work.  But if space and cost make an inground swimming pool not an option, maybe an above ground pool from Lowe Pools is your solution.

Why an above ground pool?
Above ground pools are very economical, whether you are looking for upfront savings or the low operating and maintenance costs.  At Lowe Pools, we are dedicated to helping you get the backyard of your dreams at an affordable price.

Our above ground pools are made from some of the heaviest guage steel in the industry, with the deepest corrugation, for exceptional resistance to ice and impact damage.  A sophisticated system of coatings protect against the effects of corrosion, UV exposure and everyday wear and tear.

Our above ground options are perfect for any backyard.  Each pool comes with an accessory package that will get you started for the year.  To view the package information sheet just click here

Call us today to see how Lowe Pools can incorporate an above ground pool into your backyard.