Tired of the worry and time involved in maintaining your pool? 
Allow Lowe Pools to care for your pool, so all you have to do is swim, relax, and enjoy your backyard investment.  We offer weekly and bi-weekly packages for pool service to our customers in the tri county area of Southeast Kentucky.

The following items are included in a weekly Maintenance Visit with our company:

  • Testing & Balancing all chemicals in order to maintain a safe water chemistry
  • Brush waterline surface of the pool
  • Vacuum any dirt and debris from the floor of your swimming pool
  • Net any debris off the surface of the pool water
  • Check the filter pressure to determine if backwashing or cartridge cleaning is necessary
  • Empty Pump Baskets as needed & Skimmer Baskets
  • Service and maintain saltwater systems
  • Check equipment for proper operation
  • Clean Diving Board & Rails (as needed)
  • Remove all chemical trash
  • Report any repair issues that are needed
Having pool service with Lowe Pools ensures maximum enjoyment and use of your pool as promoting a long and healthy life for your equipment and other water accessories.  Whether you are a customer with a brand new pool looking for a company to maintain your new investment or have an existing pool, call Lowe Pools today and let us show our quality work.

Do you have a question or concern regarding the operation of your pool?
Lowe Pools wants to help you find the answer.  Our staff is always glad to discuss your pool with you and can be reached
at 606-528-3112.